Artist of the Day / Mort Cohn / Berkeley, CA

Mort Cohn is a wonderful artist and person.  He and his wife, Yuko, also have a beautiful, peaceful cottage for rent on their property in Berkeley.


“Mort is a resident Berkeley ceramic artist, who has exhibited his work in many prominent Bay Area Galleries. His burnished earthenware vessels are, in part, inspired by Southwest Indian pottery. He describes the creative process as an unforeseen discovery that reveals an energy and emotion inherent in the material. His ceramic sculptures and found object assemblages explore form and texture as well as surreal imagery and expressionist energies.”

“Most of my artwork is in clay. For over thirty years I have enjoyed exploring the open-ended possibilities of working in this medium. From functional pottery to abstract sculpture, I am constantly drawn to the beauty and flexibility of clay as a creative means of expression.  Whether I am making a bowl or a sculpture, my goal is to animate the object, to bring it to life, to reveal an energy and emotion inherent in the material and the making.

“My antiwar sculpture is directed toward exposing and satirizing the dehumanizing absurdity and sorrow of war. In this way, I continue to add my voice to the antiwar movements and join with kindred spirits everywhere.”

About destructivetesting

I'm a self-taught artist who prefers to use found objects in ways that were never intended. I'm not interested in making 10 or 100 of the same object. This, of course, takes more time to make each piece. I also prefer a more minimalist look, where each part of a piece can be appreciated. I consider my clocks to be small sculptures with moving parts. And, my lamps to be small sculptures with light. My mirrors are reflective sculptures. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING means to push something to it's limits to understand it's structural performance or material behavior under different stresses. I interpret this in my artwork as using materials in different ways or combinations than they were designed to be used. I also just like the slightly ominous sound of the term...
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2 Responses to Artist of the Day / Mort Cohn / Berkeley, CA

  1. mobius faith says:

    Nice I really like the two “busts” shown here.

  2. ibraryunus says:

    this is actually awesome!

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