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A Blog Artists Selling Their Work Must Read /

      This post is from my Artist of the Day,  Harriete Estel Berman , but I wanted to post is separately because it is too important to miss.  Besides her regular posts, are these permanent articles. This note from Harriete: … Continue reading

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Making / Photo Light Box / Mike Smith

I decided that my Making It post for today would be a ‘light box’.  I’ve wanted to start using one, so here it is.  I got a basic ‘how-to’ off the web.                    

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Artist’s Tips / Cutting Glass, and Mirrors / Mike Smith

 READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!  Or go online and get some, when trying something new.  I’ve been making mirrors this past month.  After breaking too many, I finally went online to see how I was supposed to be doing it.  Just about … Continue reading

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Artist’s Packaging Tips / Sara

                 ‘I thought I’d pass on how I customise my boxes, maybe it can provide some handy tips.’ DIY Custom Gift Boxes for Shipping Fragile Contents. I found … Continue reading

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Artist’s Tools / Thai Knives

I know it might be stretching a bit to call kitchen knives ‘Artist’s Tools’.  But, I consider cooking an art, and I use some of these knives in the shop also. I’ve spent years, and too much money, trying to … Continue reading

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Artist’s Tips / Nipples

I’ve started this category because I don’t think it’s necessary for each artist to have to discover all those things that will help them create whatever it is that they are working on.   I invite other artists to share … Continue reading

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