Making It / Ute Schätzmüller / Germany

This post is from my AOD of May 4:  I had to copy the Google translation of her German, so please excuse this and imagine the fluent words.

Plains of doubt

May 7, 2012

I had last time still meets the image of enthusiasm for “Pyrophoros” was now a doubt his place. Can this keep what I expected from him? Is it really worth it to be painted this size? Is it to be painted at all worth it?Doubt attracted the artists just probably a shop next to the canvas and papers erstandenes catalog work, images of another artist that I was impressed, inspired, and finally traces of envy Doubts arise on its own making. Perhaps the intense artistic work too much time between the profane and studio visits on weekends?

But,  “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of the world calls butterfly.” (Laozi) The end of one aspect is always a new beginning of another. Such is life. And now if I just doubt on the work-in-picture, I put it aside and editing another.

Or two:

These two pictures represent even the aspect of “cocoon” in itself, because there are two old works, so there should not be continued and wrapped me in a layer of acrylic-earth mud. In the course of the development work to form puddles, debris and living structures, and because I continue to work here on the still wet image, I manipulate these random processes and create such a color landscape that transforms throughout the genesis and over again. It by no means a mimetic imitation of reality, which is painted in acrylic on canvas, it is rather the metamorphosis of the material into a living image, the process as an artist I only gently steer my way into the world of ideas.

This just goes in the plains of doubt, a suburb of unsayable, not possible non-existence, but the goal of the quest for the impossible to find in remembering there. First, however, it is necessary to pass through this land of hopelessness or a large storm, while all non-essential to leave, especially fear and doubt.

The little paragraph above gives an indication of the story, the basic idea of the image. However, it is very important to me, that title or text to images remain so vague that any observer put his own thoughts and stories can enter. Below I show some pictures of yesterday’s business day in the studio barn. Among other things, the final small “Pyrophoros” a couple of freshly primed canvases that once belonged to my grandfather and now unfinished in the attic of my parents were waiting for new life and different stages of development of the new work: “Plains of doubt”.

About destructivetesting

I'm a self-taught artist who prefers to use found objects in ways that were never intended. I'm not interested in making 10 or 100 of the same object. This, of course, takes more time to make each piece. I also prefer a more minimalist look, where each part of a piece can be appreciated. I consider my clocks to be small sculptures with moving parts. And, my lamps to be small sculptures with light. My mirrors are reflective sculptures. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING means to push something to it's limits to understand it's structural performance or material behavior under different stresses. I interpret this in my artwork as using materials in different ways or combinations than they were designed to be used. I also just like the slightly ominous sound of the term...
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3 Responses to Making It / Ute Schätzmüller / Germany

  1. Drew Kail says:

    Ute is a very talented artist who creates amazing work.

  2. Hello Mike!
    Thank you for reblogging my post. Some of the translations made me smirk (although I must admit that my english isn’t the best, too – that’s why I didn’t write the whole text in english myself…).
    But I think I have to tell you about the title: When I made it, I rather thougt of “plains” than “layers” and in german it is both “Ebene”.

    Best regards Ute

  3. Hi Ute, I would make any changes in the translation that you would like. This was one of the main reasons that I started this blog–to show artists actually doing whatever they do, and not just their finished work.
    thanks, Mike

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