Making It / Big Whisk Lamp / Mike Smith

I designed and built this lamp to be hanging from the L-shaped metal piece, but then decided I liked it better the other direction.  Give me some feedback, OK?  (Stephen MacInnis,  told me to have it hanging so that’s how it will be!)


About destructivetesting

I'm a self-taught artist who prefers to use found objects in ways that were never intended. I'm not interested in making 10 or 100 of the same object. This, of course, takes more time to make each piece. I also prefer a more minimalist look, where each part of a piece can be appreciated. I consider my clocks to be small sculptures with moving parts. And, my lamps to be small sculptures with light. My mirrors are reflective sculptures. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING means to push something to it's limits to understand it's structural performance or material behavior under different stresses. I interpret this in my artwork as using materials in different ways or combinations than they were designed to be used. I also just like the slightly ominous sound of the term...
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8 Responses to Making It / Big Whisk Lamp / Mike Smith

  1. sbmacinnis says:

    I like it, but I think I like the original position best. I think the weight of the light works better hanging.

  2. barbaraelka says:

    this is original for sure…i must cast most interesting shadows

  3. OK, Stephen, I’ll change it back.


  4. 4F Lighting says:

    I think it works either way. Could you make it so the buyer can decide how to hang it?

    But, with these I always wonder how you get the bulb in and out.


    • I guess I could give them the option, but I would have to change it if necessary. I think I’ll just leave it hanging.

      It is a tight squeeze getting the bulb in there, but it can be done, obviously.


  5. Rone says:

    WOW! This is actually really pretty!
    How do you think it would look with different color lightbulbs, by chance?

  6. I did try it with a ‘black light’. That was very cool. It would probably look good with any color bulb. Just so it’s not so bright that you can’t look directly at it. That’s why I use these 25w to 30w vintage style bulbs.


  7. I really do like this!!!!!!!!!

    Something timeless and fascinating about a workshop; all the possibilities – that’s what the universe must have looked like before the infinite variations got working on each other!

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