Artist of the Day / Gretchen Kelly

I have three of Gretchen’s ‘One Minute Pose’ sketches, and they are so immediate and full of life they seem to want to fly right off the paper.  

        Gretchen’s short profile statement.

“I love to paint the human form. I love color and pattern. My background in fashion, textile + home decor design play into my paintings. I am influenced by current style trends around the globe and from different eras and genres in history. I paint almost everyday and it’s my goal to channel the beauty that I see in my subjects and put it down with paint onto paper.”

About her figurative work.

 “I paint from a model (except the mermaids!) in short poses ranging from one to forty five minutes, usually.  It is the process of short poses that brings to life what I am after – simply the beauty of the human gesture and the color of that moment. Swift strokes and decisions define my figurative work. I walk away from the figure painting and come back to it later to add into the background. With refreshed vision I see what the painting is calling for – a vivid color, stenciled pattern, maybe an architectural shape or a horizon line. My work is about focusing on what is in front of me at the moment– the present moment, where I find perfection and beauty.


About destructivetesting

I'm a self-taught artist who prefers to use found objects in ways that were never intended. I'm not interested in making 10 or 100 of the same object. This, of course, takes more time to make each piece. I also prefer a more minimalist look, where each part of a piece can be appreciated. I consider my clocks to be small sculptures with moving parts. And, my lamps to be small sculptures with light. My mirrors are reflective sculptures. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING means to push something to it's limits to understand it's structural performance or material behavior under different stresses. I interpret this in my artwork as using materials in different ways or combinations than they were designed to be used. I also just like the slightly ominous sound of the term...
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