Artist of the Day / Sandra Arteaga

I’ll let Sandra speak for herself on this post.

“I exist since 20th December 1980. In those days I was a little smaller, more or less the size that my dolls are today.
After a few years, enough to hold a pencil with my own hand and to think of something else that wasn’t sleep, eat and cry to change my diapers, I realized that there was nothing better in life than to spend the day imagining universes and the beings that inhabit them.

To know more about them I should draw, and so I did, spent hours lying on the floor sailing through seas of paper and algae-colored, drawing without paying attention to the unyielding dictatorship of clockwise. Until one day I found the movie “Labyrinth” and their dolls, I couldn’t stop to see it, I was really unhealthy…. believe me… unhealthy… And so it all began, my passion for these creatures, the dolls, has always been with me. But it’s been many, many years until I managed to snatch the characters in my drawings from the world of the two dimensions and bring them to 3-D.

I have never did any kind of artistic education although just 2 years ago, in late 2008 to be more exact, I decided to unleash my creative desire, from that moment I have not stopped experimenting and researching on my own the path to make dolls. Internet has been a great help, a way of knowing the work of many wonderful artists, materials, etc… now that I’m getting I can’t stop, I don’t want to stop! At last I can touch everything I imagined!”

You MUST read her descriptions of her dolls on her blog!

Follow her on:           !/OsaPandra

About destructivetesting

I'm a self-taught artist who prefers to use found objects in ways that were never intended. I'm not interested in making 10 or 100 of the same object. This, of course, takes more time to make each piece. I also prefer a more minimalist look, where each part of a piece can be appreciated. I consider my clocks to be small sculptures with moving parts. And, my lamps to be small sculptures with light. My mirrors are reflective sculptures. DESTRUCTIVE TESTING means to push something to it's limits to understand it's structural performance or material behavior under different stresses. I interpret this in my artwork as using materials in different ways or combinations than they were designed to be used. I also just like the slightly ominous sound of the term...
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