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Artist’s Tips / Nipples

I’ve started this category because I don’t think it’s necessary for each artist to have to discover all those things that will help them create whatever it is that they are working on.   I invite other artists to share … Continue reading

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Making It / Mike Smith

I never make the same item twice, except this time!  I found this ‘Italian Soup Ladle’ at a surplus store and made a lamp (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/67566369).  It was a perfect desk lamp, and I loved it.  But, someone who came to … Continue reading

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Artist of the Day / Francoise Stefanski

“I am a professional full time Artist, a French fresco-painter in situ, panoramic murals on walls and ceilings. Here is a part of my production : on stretched canvas (only original paintings on small size), signed art prints, and original … Continue reading

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