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Avner Ben Natan (lightexture)

Thank you for sharing this. I often think about creating as a way to express the heart and the wordless. Trying to combine it with making a living makes it stranger with taxes, shipping, shopping carts and other confusing details. … Continue reading

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Invitation to Artists

Hi, I’m sending this message (gradually) to all the artists on Etsy that I’ve ‘favorited’. I also want to invite any other artists that are interested.  I’ve started a blog to explore the ‘creative process’ that we go through, from … Continue reading

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Unexpected Lighting

Hi Mike Several posts/pages on  my blog might fit your bill. Check out: http://unexpectedlighting.wordpress.com/2011/06/23/sometimes-a-great-notion/ This one is about process, and has in-process photos. Several other posts also talk about process. http://unexpectedlighting.wordpress.com/about/ has a picture of my workspace. http://unexpectedlighting.wordpress.com/kitcheniana/how-these-came-about/ talks about the how the … Continue reading

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Dear Michael, I’m happy to hear news from you and I think you got a good initiative. I’m happy to send you the link to my blog. I would be happy to send you also picture of a sort of … Continue reading

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egoranites January 3 2012 10:48am EDT Love the idea. I commented linking to my other shop on etsy. will try to get you photos. I am a chaotic sporadic artist. 🙂 destructivetesting.wordpress.com/2012/01/01/recycling/#comment-6 Also check out my blog ~ upcycle-recycle-reuse.blogspot.com/ Best of … Continue reading

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meg bollinger (calyrew)

 sent you a conversation on January 3, 2012. blog What a wonderful idea. I too often imagine the awesome works I see here have emerged from a high ceiling studio looking over some hugh city skyline waiting for their next … Continue reading

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